Visiting which three places makes a perfect day in Manhattan? Why?


The Met to Central Park to Lady M for cake.

Where was your first job in Manhattan located?


Midtown. Simon & Schuster at 49th and 6th.

If you could live in any building in Manhattan,

which one would it be?



What do you consider the most beautiful building

in Manhattan? Why?


The Flatiron Building is my favorite. Mainly because

it symbolizes my first years in NYC.

Best place to take a date in Manhattan?


Little Branch.

What is your favorite secret place in Manhattan?

(I promise not to tell)


Little Branch.

What is your favorite gallery or museum?


The Met.

Which Manhattan subway station is your favorite and why?


Grand Central. I love the energy.

Favorite interior design of specific shop/building/house, etc.?


I still love the Guggenheim.

Where in Manhattan would you spend

your last 10 dollars?


Cab ride over the Brooklyn Bridge.

Where in Manhattan do you celebrate

when you finish a project?


Knicks game.

Where do you find the most iconic graphic design in Manhattan?



What are your favorite free places to visit in Manhattan?


Galleries and Washington Square Park for street performers.

Which park in Manhattan is your favorite?


Washington Square Park.

Which block would you tell a friend visiting Manhattan for the first time not to miss?


5th Avenue around the holidays.

Where is your office located now?


Murray Hill.

Favorite bookstore?


McNally Jackson.