Where is your office located now?


39 Jane Street, New York, NY

Which park in Manhattan is your favorite?


Abingdon Square Park. Just a perfectly

located, small, unassuming little park.

Your favorite Manhattan location

featured in a film or TV show?


Chelsea Hotel in Sid and Nancy.

What is your favorite gallery or museum?



If you could display your best project anywhere in Manhattan, where would you choose to and why?


I would like to display all of my New York City Swissted posters outside of 315 Bowery. Because CBGB used to be there and now a John Varvatos store is.

Share an obscure architectural treasure in Manhattan.


I love the old abandoned Kullman Diner at 357 West Street right across from the Hudson River. I hope it stays there forever.

What is your favorite secret place in Manhattan?

(I promise not to tell)?


The courtyard at WestBeth.

If you were to design a postcard with a specific Manhattan location, where would that be? Why?


Hector's Cafe & Diner. Because it just might be the last real thing in the Meatpacking District.

What are your favorite free places to visit in Manhattan?


Abingdon Park, White Columns Gallery, Hudson River Park, Irish Hunger Memorial.

Which block would you tell a friend visiting Manhattan for the first time not to miss? Why?


Grove Street. It's just a beautiful West Village street and Thomas Paine lived and died there.

Where do you find the most iconic

graphic design in Manhattan?


I really like the NYC sanitation truck.

What is your favorite public art piece in Manhattan?


Definitely Keith Haring's Carmine Street Public Swimming Pool Mural. It's one of the few things that I'll walk out of my way to see on my way home.

Where in Manhattan would you spend your last 10 dollars?


Joe's Pizza on Carmine Street.

Favorite interior design of specific shop/building/house, etc.?


The walls of La Bonbonniere diner.

Where in Manhattan do you celebrate

when you finish a project?


The Tavern on Jane.

Where in Manhattan have you had a great 'Eureka' moment?

Can you explain?


Bleecker Street. I was walking on Bleecker one day past the

fifth Marc Jacobs store in a row and a line popped into my head:




I made a lot of urban planner fans after that.

Favorite example of interesting outdoor typography in Manhattan?


I love the façade of Village Cigars on 7th Avenue in

the West Village.

Visiting which three places makes a perfect day in Manhattan? Why?


La Bonbonniere, Corner Bistro, and Dell'anima. The best French Toast for breakfast, the best cheeseburger for lunch, the best grilled octopus for dinner—all within one block!

Best place to take a date in Manhattan?


The Place on West 4th is pretty tough to beat.

Which Manhattan subway station is your favorite and why?


West Fourth Street, Washington Square Station. I don't know why but this station always feels like it's trapped in the 1970's and seems to have more rats than some of the others.

What is your favorite work of art in a Manhattan museum or gallery?


Lester Beall's Rural Electrification Administration posters at MoMA.

What do you consider the most beautiful building in Manhattan? Why?


That's a super tough question but if I have to pick just one it'd be the Flatiron Building. To me it says New York City in one building—the scale is perfect for where it stands. When you walk down 5th Avenue toward the Flatiron it looks like a massive ocean liner coming right at you.

Favorite bookstore?