Where was your first job in Manhattan located?


SoHo before it was considered trendy.

If you were to design a postcard with a specific Manhattan location, where would that be? Why?


Little Red Lighthouse under the George Washington Bridge, because the lighthouse has a strong connection to childhood memories for many who grew up knowing the lighthouse.

Visiting which three places makes a perfect day in Manhattan? Why?


Habu Textiles, falafel truck stationed on 28th and 7thAvenue

and David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center.

Best place to take a date in Manhattan?


China Institute, I had my first date with my partner there.

Which park in Manhattan is your favorite?


Chelsea Cove at Hudson River Park.

If you could live in any building in Manhattan, which one would it be? Why?


Top of the Chrysler Building, so I could have a 360 degree view of the city day and night.

What are your favorite free places to visit in Manhattan?


Habu Textiles.

Which block would you tell a friend visiting Manhattan for the first time not to miss? Why?


Canal Street from the Manhattan Bridge to base near Holland Tunnel.

What is your favorite secret place in Manhattan?

(I promise not to tell)


Nom Wah Tea Parlor.

What is your favorite public art piece in Manhattan?


Potato Famine Wall in Battery Park.

Share an obscure architectural

treasure in Manhattan.


The Cloisters.

What is your favorite gallery or museum?


Gagosian and MoMA.

Where in Manhattan do you go for creative inspiration?


At one point I would spend hours at the Winter Garden since it felt much like my own personal arboretum. Now I vacillate between sitting amongst the birds and lush flowers in the Central Park conservatory garden or sitting on a picnic bench next to the Little Red Lighthouse.

Where in Manhattan would you

spendyour last 10 dollars?


Botani Buttons.

Where is your office located now?


In my home in Harlem.

Favorite sketching spot?


Central Park Conservatory Garden sitting on round bench with birds chirping all around especially in the spring time.

Where in Manhattan have you had a great 'Eureka' moment? Can you explain?


Every time I walk through Times Square, because I remember  the area when it was really dirty and to look at it now, with all the glitz and bling is an exhilarating moment for me.

Your favorite Manhattan location featured in a film or TV show?


Living in Harlem, my former block was always being used

for shooting numerous movies, so I would say Lenox Avenue between 124th and 121St street in American Gangster.

Where in Manhattan do you celebrate when you finish a project?


Ride my bike or take a long walk browsing the city.

What is your favorite work of art in a Manhattan museum or gallery?


Artist Nick Cave's Soundsuits; they remind me of 'Carnaval' in Brazil

What do you consider the most beautiful building in Manhattan? Why?


Despite being closed to the general public, the Woolworth Building. Why? NYU holds lots of CE classes there. For one, the lobby is a truly amazing example of lobby designs in office buildings in NYC, at least from the early part of 20th century. It's simply lavish and I've been told the building has a pool?

Which Manhattan subway station is your favorite and why?


Union Square, besides being a major connecting point, this station has public art along with amazing tiled lettering throughout the station.