What is your favorite gallery or museum?


My obsession with the Met goes back to childhood and

it still reigns supreme as my favorite place to see artwork.

What is your favorite work of art in a

Manhattan museum or gallery?


Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze's "George Washington Crossing the Delaware" at the Met. It's simultaneously intimidating and inspiring.

What is your favorite place for design drooling? Why?


As much as I love the streets of Manhattan, there's nothing that makes me drool like walking around the Met.

I feel like that's kind of a cop-out answer, but it's true. It really feels like I walked off the street into some kind of magic world the second I walk up those steps.

If you were to design a postcard with a specific Manhattan location, where would that be? Why?


My first instinct would be somewhere in Little Italy, but if I really had the job of creating a postcard for Manhattan, I'd love to just make something bold and intense with the Empire State Building. I've always loved what an icon it is. It just feels so powerful, savvy, and beautiful at the same time. Everything Manhattan is.

Where in Manhattan have you had a great

‘tEureka' moment? Can you explain?


Probably the first time I ever stepped foot into Pearl Paint as a kid. If that doesn't make you want to be an artist, I don't know what will.

Where in Manhattan would you spend your last 10 dollars?


A street vendor that sells hot pretzels and Nuts 4 Nuts.

Which park in Manhattan is your favorite?


Washington Square Park.

Where in Manhattan do you go when you want to escape the city hustle and enjoy a more natural setting?


Walking the neighborhood streets of the West Village

is always very relaxing to me.

Where in Manhattan do you go for creative inspiration?


Usually anywhere south of Midtown will do it, but I really love both the East and West Village. Each one inspires me in different ways.

What are your favorite free places to visit in Manhattan?


The best free thing to do in Manhattan is to walk the streets and people watch. Maybe find a good stoop to sit on. I'm really happy just watching people live their day actually.

Which street in Manhattan is in most need

of a makeover?


I don't know if makeover is the right word, but Broadway needs to figure out what the hell it is. Is it for driving? Walking? Make up your mind!!! What a nightmare.

Best place to take a date in Manhattan?


West Village! I think there's a pattern here …

Your favorite Manhattan location featured in a film or TV show?


The Ghostbusters house over by Varick.

What is your favorite public art piece in Manhattan?


I love those little bronze cartoon character guys in the subway. The sculptures that look like they came out of a Disney movie. I don't know who designed them, but I just feel like the fact that they're scattered throughout the tunnels is a really ballsy thing for the city to have sanctioned. There's one in particular that I love, I think it's at the 8th Ave L station, and he's all fancy with a bag of money and old fashioned shoe covers.

If you could display your best project anywhere in Manhattan, where would you choose to and why?


Maybe a huge mural on the side of a building on Delancey right at the exit of the Williamsburg Bridge. The ads that cover that whole area are always so bland and boring. Plus, I feel like they haven't been changed in years and years. I'd want to put something really awesome up there so people coming into the city would have something new and fresh to look at.

Favorite sketching spot?


It seems like I never find time to sketch anymore when I'm in Manhattan, but I used to love sketching around St. Marks. That or the subway.

Which block would you tell a friend visiting Manhattan for the first time not to miss? Why?


If I had to choose one block for someone who's never been here before, then I'd have to say St. Marks Place. I feel like you can find every type of person imaginable on that block and tons of stuff that can help introduce you to the quirkiness of random Manhattan neighborhoods. I think it would be the best introduction for someone who wants to experience life outside of Times Square.

What do you consider the most beautiful building

in Manhattan? Why?


The Chrysler Building. It comes from a time period I absolutely love and its execution in style and grace

is flawless.