Share an obscure architectural treasure in Manhattan.


The Jean Nouvel Building on 11th Avenue and 19th Street.

Where in Manhattan do you go when you want to escape the city hustle and enjoy a more natural setting?


Hudson River Park.

Where do you find the most iconic graphic design in Manhattan?


The New York City subway for the sanctioned design (Vignelli) as well as the unsanctioned.

Which street in Manhattan is in most need of a makeover?


The Port Authority blocks.

What are your favorite free places to visit in Manhattan?


The Highline.

Favorite interior design of specific shop/building/house, etc.?


I always loved Moss.

Which park in Manhattan is your favorite?


Central Park.

If you could display your best project anywhere in Manhattan, where would you choose to and why?


The street windows at MoMA – an interesting cross between art and commerce.

Where is your office located now?


In the Cable Building at Broadway and Houston

What is your favorite place for design drooling? Why?


I don’t know if it’s my favorite, but Paul Smith shop on Greene Street features so many design disciplines that I adore: clothes, shoes, accessories, books, a few housewares, and for a time, they had a fantastic WrongWoods wall by Richard Woods and Sebastian Wrong.

Favorite example of interesting outdoor typography in Manhattan?


I love that big red 9 on West 57th Street. I took my son’s picture in front of it for our 2009 New Year’s card, when he was 9.

What is your favorite secret place in Manhattan?

(I promise not to tell)


The Breslin.

Visiting which three places makes a perfect day in Manhattan? Why?


Neue Galerie, Marimekko, and The Breslin.

Which Manhattan subway station is your favorite and why?


The Tom Otterness sculptures are charmingly integrated into the 14th Street ACE platform.

Where was your first job in Manhattan located?


I worked at the Village Voice at Broadway and 13th Street where I met my husband. A movie theater occupies that spot now.

If you were to design a postcard with a specific Manhattan location, where would that be? Why?


NoHo – where I live and where I work.

Your favorite Manhattan location featured in a film or TV show?


Harold Lloyd driving a taxi through the Washington Square Arch in Speedy. Also, the Village backyard in Rear Window.

What is your favorite public art piece in Manhattan?


There are so many ephemeral installations -- I loved Roxy Payne’s interconnected silver trees in Madison Park and David Byrne’s Playing the Building but one that will be on view for a long time is a lovely Sol LeWitt wall drawing installed in the lobby of the Javits Federal Building on Lower Broadway. It makes waiting for the metal detector much more bearable.

Where in Manhattan would you spend your last 10 dollars?


The Strand.

What is your favorite gallery or museum?


Neue Galerie or the Tenement Museum.

What do you consider the most beautiful building in Manhattan? Why?


I’m a big fan of the Bayard Condit Building on Bleecker Street, the only Louis Sullivan design in New York City.

Best place to take a date in Manhattan?


The Crosby Street Hotel screening room.

Where in Manhattan do you celebrate when you finish a project?


I never take the time to celebrate because by the time I finish, I’m already late on the next project! But if I did, I'd love to have a meal and some nice wine at Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria.

If you could live in any building in Manhattan, which one would it be?


The Paul Rudolph townhouse on Sutton Place.

Favorite bookstore?


McNally Jackson.